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42nd Air Assault Regiment
Military Simulations Unit
- since 2009 - - ended 2019 -
First I want to say, I am immensely proud of this group. But I'm sadden to say, the road ends here.. It has come that the 42nd Air Assault Regiment be laid to rest. The 42nd was started in 2009 and the basis of the group was to be a Semi-Realism group. To be realistic and fun. At the time, it was really unheard of to find Semi-Realism Units because everyone wanted to be Full Tactical Realism Units where they pretty much MILSIM the entire environment. Our roots were to not be that.. we wanted to be different in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. We wanted people to get a MILSIM experience but cut out the BS that full tactical realism units did, that well.. just weren't fun. We accomplished that and excelled at it. But it wouldn't of happened without every single member that has come through our doors.
Over the years we have seen our ups and downs. But we have done some really good and amazing things in our Unit. We helped people get jobs and we helped people advance their careers and even start careers. We helped people forward their education and answered questions when people needed help. We gave people an outlet to be who they wanted or needed to be. We gave people a place that they wouldn't be judged for their imperfections that we all see in the "real world". We helped people build discipline so that they were able to get out and do things on their own and helped people who needed help but didn't know how to ask for it. But over all, we gave people a community, a support system, something they could call their own and I am very proud of that. As I could not have done it alone.
I hope that every person that has ever been in our Unit goes down the path they need to take and finds happiness. I hope everyone can still be friends and still have great communication. I hope that none of us loses touch and reliability in each other. We are still a community but, we now need to build other legacies in other places. I hope each of you continue to play Arma and I hope each of you continue to learn and grow professionally and personally. Learn from the mistakes you have made here and that you make in your personal and professional lives. Use those mistakes to find the right answer and build a foundation that you can confidently stand out and help and teach others from your experiences. I truly meant it when I said "as long as you put your mind to it, each of you will be able to do anything.". Every one of you can and do great things. It doesn't take the 42nd for you to be able to do that. You all are the reason we were such a great Unit and group. You all have the ability. Now go out there and get it done!
R. Bruce
First Lieutenant
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