The 42nd Air Assault Regiment was formed in the summer of 2009 and the only game it supported was Arma 2. Over the years we grew and support/ed more games like COD: MW2, Minecraft, COD: Black Ops, Medal of honor, Planet Side 2, LoL, Vindictus, COD: MW3, COD: Black Ops 2, Flight Sim X, TF2, Medal of Honor: WF, Arma 2 AO/CO. The unit has been Operational for the past 6 Years.


The 42nds Motto is Adapt and Overcome, the reason this is so important to us is because, as a 42nd member you will never “Quit”, if something is not going your way, whether that be a spawn camper or a BMP-3 rolling down the street and is repeatedly killing you etc etc, you will adapt and find another way to overcome your down fall.

Our Structure

We model after the United States Army. Simple as that. We DO NOT take every little detail from the United States Army nor the Department of Defense (DoD), but, we do practice Army Customs and Courtesies. We are structured as an Army Rifle Company (Air Assault), our companies are made up from us. We do not take the name of any company and or unit in the current United States Army.

Who we are

We are an Organization over all. We are not just a Realism unit/gamming clan. We put pride and effort into everything we do. We try to get the best of the best out of the best, even if that means having to do more work to get it. There is no such thing as an excuse as to why we couldn’t do something. Either we do it or we don’t.


WE DO NOT FORCE YOU TO DONATE!! If you want to donate money because you want to help out with bills, because face it, it takes money to do this. But, we are not going to force you to donate money to be here. We do ask you to donate your time. There is no “pay to win” here. Everyone is treated the same, adult or legal child. If you want something YOU EARN IT. You do not pay to get what you want. You learn to be better to achieve the things you want. Here and in Life!

If you approve

join us by

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